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LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror Wall Mounted Adjustable White/Warm/Natural Light


  • 【Innovative Design】The bathroom mirror measures 36 x 28 inches, which is the ideal size. The light strip is hidden in the mirror, beautiful and energy-saving.The design of the tray allows you to make full use of the space to place some small objects.
  • 【Waterproof, Safe and Durable】IP44 waterproof grade, safe and durable to use. The five-layer protection on the back of the large mirror is more secure and can ensure that the components of the led bathroom mirror are not damaged during use. The waterproof LED strip has a leak-proof function and is safer to use.
  • 【Smart Touch Switch】There are 3 buttons, namely the switch button, the brightness adjustment button, and the anti-fog button.The light can be turned on/off at the touch of a smart button. Long press the light button to adjust the brightness.
  • 【Anti-fog Separately Control】The anti-fog is individually controlled by the touch button. You can turn on/off the anti-fog function according to your needs. The built-in anti-fog function means you don't need to wipe or rinse the bathroom vanity mirror frequently. More safe and convenient.
  • 【Power Supply Method and Installation Method】There are two ways to power on, one is to plug in directly, and the other is to connect directly to the home's power source through a connector. The bathroom mirror with light can be hung horizontally or vertically, and you can choose the installation method according to actual needs.

Shipping Detail:

Ships only to United States

1-2 business days to process order

3-7 business days shipping time

Estimated Arrival: 5-10 business days

LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror

SKU: W70832308
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